Summer Way - Project

In 2015 we purchased the Summer Way house. Being an original 1980, it was in original condition and in drastic need of restoration. The home also had experienced some structural damage as a result of poor compacted of fill from when the home was initially constructed. Inspecting revealed that the south west corner of the property settled 3" which in turn resulted in substantial damage to the rear corner of the house. Steps were taken to repair the damaged foundation and then time was spent on the restoration of the home.. We are presently working on the property, and will be updating this area progressively.


Cook - Project

This was an 1970's box, beautiful original condition when we took possession. The house was nice and solid and supplied us great bones to work with.. We did a full renovation inclusive of a nanny suite on the ground floor.  A full series of before and after pictures are available for this project.


Laity Project

This was the complete renovation of a 1928 Bungalow, and the inclusion of a 3 car garage/shop to a wonderful garden suite. We were lucky to be able to salvage original flooring and the basic frame of the home, but most of the remaining needed to rebuilt.. There was a need for full electrical upgrade from Knob and Tube, as well as Plumbing upgrade from cast iron to PVC. We were able to bring back the charm of the house while still adding some modern conveniences.  This was a very enjoyable project to work on with a lot of support from the neighborhood.