Scheduling a free consultation with our Contractor and/or Design Consultant is the first step to take towards Creating Your Dream. While some companies charge hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars just to share ideas with you, we offer our initial consultation for free. Our team will meet with you at your home or business. We'll take into account your ideas, goals, and dreams, as well as your budget and within a few days of the consultation, we’ll draw up a labor proposal for your review. You’ll meet with us to read over and discuss our proposal, and if you approve, we’ll sign the papers to get started.

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Once the labor proposal is settled, it’s time for the fun. Together with our design team, you’ll start bringing your dream to life. Our design team uses the best software available. The software not only allows us to see virtually what the new kitchen or bathroom will look like if walls are added or brought down, but also lets our designers order the necessary supplies and calculate the price totals accurately. Once the design is complete, and you’ve approved the plan, it’s time to get our hands dirty and start renovations.

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Before construction begins, a project manager will be assigned. The project manager will remain with you throughout the renovations, and the construction crew itself will also remain consistent from beginning to end. If there are any problems at all, your project manager will see that they are solved quickly and efficiently. Once construction is complete, you’ll review the site with your project manager. Together, you’ll compose a touch-up list – essentially, all those little odds and ends that aren’t quite finished or right. Then, the touch-up crew will take care of the list, and your renovation project is complete.

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Gabriel House,

Established in 2004, as a restorer of residential homes in the Greater Vancouver Area. Warwick, along with his Wife Julia, and sons Connor and Hamish have worked with some of the best trades people in the industry to remodel some of of the lower mainlands nicest, most in need homes this back to their former glory..

Gabriel House always takes the environment into consideration on every project, as its been proven that the carbon investment to restore is better than that of even the highest-efficiency new-build.

When refurbishing a home, a special emphasis is placed on the environment, as well as ensuring the space in the home is made usable

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